In her solo improvisations on violin and viola, Gunda Gottschalk combines poetic fantasy with a structuring consciousness of form. Without the aid of electronics, the violinist creates sonic worlds of individual beauty. On occasion she combines her solo programs with video projections of live painting by Sigrid Tanghe or with dance improvisations by Jean Sasportes. E pericoloso sporgersi
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The duo project with the bassist Peter Jacquemyn and the trio which developed out that with the accordionist Ute Völker evoke the powerful joy of playing from the Free Jazz tradition. The music unfolds with enormous energy and an amazingly expansive volume of tone. The sudden changes of tone color and often very surprising turns in the course of the improvisations lend a new face to the "power play" of Free Jazz.
You Lan
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In the Gunda Gottschalk project with the Chinese guzhêng player Xu Feng Xia, two different musical worlds encounter one another. Coming on one hand out of the classical Chinese musical tradition and on the other out of the European musical culture, the two women improvise together and develop a resonant and bizarre musical language. free elephant
The Wuppertal label (Germany) free elephant for improvised music publishes a high-quality, versatile program of music. The story of the founding of free elephant originates on the initiative of Peter Kowald.
Partita Radicale
The quintett Partita Radicale for New and improvised music plays improvisation cycles, film music and music theater. The ensemble has played together since 1991 in the constellation flute(s), violin, viola and accordion. Their way of playing can be characterized as multifaceted, with the quality of fine chamber music.